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People Services

The driving force of every organization are it's people. Our experts engage our client by providing solutions to employment related issues such as recruitment and nurturing of right talent into top performers.

Talent Acquisition

Exceptionally skilled and talented people are imperative to an organization’s achievement. At Robingat consulting, we are enthusiastic about assisting you with sourcing, survey, assessment and present the absolute best talent, engaging them to peak performance.

Recruitment & Selection

Our evident business initiative permits us to consolidate globally acclaimed choice instruments with our rigid techniques from scouting heads to enrollment. Our custom made administrations guarantee top talents are found, drawn in, surveyed and selected for clients.

Compensation & Benefits

To help you attract the very best talent whilst retaining market competitiveness and advantage, we utilise our extensive network of trusted contacts in conducting industry and competition benchmark surveys in order to determine the optimum reward strategy for your organisation.

Behavioural Assessments

We value the incredible nature of the administrations we offer the entirety of our clients. We lead specialized appraisals to distinguish applicants during enlistment activities and gain understanding of the specialized capabilities of existing job holders across all roles.

Technical Assessments

Here at robingat consulting, we use a wide scope of technology driven applicant profiling instruments that provide essential insights into employees conduct, giving a more proficient degree of conviction and assurance of enrollment into the team.

Talent Management

Get expert advice for business growth from our well engaged workforce committed to assisting businesses manage talent and support organisation to attain their potential while positioning them for growth.

Performance management

We have carved a niche in performance management that helps us align employees and organizations needs to meet their strategic objectives and become formidable competitive machines.

Talent Engagement

We offer proven strategies and techniques that help organizations and business increase employee engagement, improve personnel performance and build strong business/work ethics by focusing on the performance management throughout the lifecycle of an employee.

Career Management

Our team assist with making a point by point professional success image, encouraging skills advancement, engaging and developing a financially savvy workforce that improves general business execution. engaging and developing a financially savvy workforce that improves general business execution.

L&D Strategy

To get the most for our client’s workforce, we have established a thorough learning culture that drives employee development. We assist our customers to identify their competency gaps; design frameworks to meet thier specific needs and position the organization with a competitive advantage.

Leadership Development

To explore present unique business climate and plan for the future, pioneers require forefront capabilities in diverse regions. We help create bespoke projects that address organization's administrative needs for the present and future.

Succession Planning

At robingat consulting we position our clients to deal with current and future needs of their businesses outfitted towards Progression and sustainability. We also convey a systematic way to deal with, distinguish and grow high Performing teams with the possibility to take on an influential position.

Tech Recruitment & Support

As a firm that combines HR and Technology capabilities, we understand how unacceptable it is for you not to be able to take your technology solution to the market before your competitors. We can partner with you to create a pool of pre-screened, high quality and proven tech talent.

Digital Marketers

We help ensure that your website and online presence is easily found by target audience by optimizing website structure and content for search engines. We help you drive relevant traffic to your website while promoting awareness within the digital space.


At robingat consulting, we put in our creative and software programming skills to design, build and improve clients websites. We understand user experience and build websites that are easy to understand, navigate and use while also adhering to design standard and specifications.


We help create and ensure a well functional and secure websites. This is achievable by our highly tech savvy and experienced team who understand and implement ideas with an actual functional website that meets the requirements of clients. Our tech team strives to consistently stay up to date on technology and are very vast.

Product Managers

We help our clients with the job of analyzing the markets, watching the product compete,and laying out product vision based on our assessments. We also bridge the gaps between the various teams working on a product, from design and engineering to sales and marketing.

Integrated and Professional Services

Our multidisciplinary team of experts possess the skills and industry experience to deliver. With proficiency in talent management, project planning and management and research, we’ve got you covered.

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