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Business Advisory

Planning and executing a business strategy are two things we excel at. We understand the importance of corporate strategy to every business. We’ll help to transform your business, guiding you through every step, from strategic planning through to implementation.

Strategic Management

Strategic management involves setting objectives, analyzing the competitive environment, analyzing the internal organization, evaluating strategies and ensuring that management rolls out the strategies across the organization. At Robingat Consulting, we can help your business to achieve its short-term and long-term goals.

Strategy Planning & Execution

Our team can support you in planning, linking and connecting your overall enterprise, business, marketing and branding strategies, goals and objectives seamlessly to your customer’s expectations of your product and services. Ultimately no strategy has any tangible value without effective execution that delivers on its stated objectives, expected performance and your bottom line. With our Experience we can help organisations with integration of new process, people and technology to achieve their objectives.

Strategy Development

At Robingat Consulting, We start by clearly defining a specific goal, making decisions from among options for getting there and fully scoping out the potential results.

Strategic Market Intelligence

Access to quality data is of course one of the keys to business success. We are committed to providing quality market research and analytics that will enable you to gain competitive advantage for your business or make a profitable acquisition or investment. for effective business decision-making. Our strategic research and analytics, will help in Understanding your competitors and take your business performance to the next level.

Development Advisory & Support

Our team provides lead advisory services to clients in various sub-sectors aimed at structuring complex deals with goals to achieve their objectives.

Other Business Advisory Services

  • Business Analytics

  • Business Plan Formulation

  • Risk Management

  • Management Support
  • Business Modal Analysis

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Coaching Support

  • Business Diagnostics Tools

Industry Experience

We didn’t just learn skills. We have applied our skills in practical contexts, across multiple industries in the Nigerian business terrain. Therefore, we not only know; we understand.

Growth Mindedness

Our commitment is to genuinely strive to help our customers’ businesses grow, not just to solve short term problems. Delivering outstanding results is a habit for us.


Our team is diverse and well-versed in multiple professional specialties. This puts us in a better position to tackle the various dimensions of business challenges our clients face.


We deploy world class tools and resources in our work, so our customers always get the best possible solutions. We support organisations with comprehensive consultancy.

What makes us Different

Robingat Consulting’s wide-ranging industry engagement means we are familiar with your business context and the challenges you face. RC has extensive involvement with these sectors: • Agro-Tech • Fin-Tech • Healthtech • FMCG & Retail • High Tech & Telecoms • Small enterprises • Engineering and construction • Energy and Oil & Gas

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